Revolver Price in India-0.22 Revolver

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Weapon Specifications:

 Calibre  0.22″
 Action  Single and Double Action
 Capacity  8 Rounds
 Barrel Length  65 mm
 Barrel Type  6 Grooves with Chrome Flashing
 Weight  380 gms
 Sight  Fixed half Moon Type Foresight
 Firing Pin  Floating
 Body  Special Aluminium Alloy
 Grip  Wooden with Hand Checkering
 Range  20 m

Salient Features:

  1. Accurate Very Light Weight Revolver, Compact and Handy, made of Special Aluminium Alloy and Chrome Flashed barrel.
  2. Having Eight Rounds Chamber Cylinder.
  3. The Revolver can be Fired by Single as well as Double Action.
  4. For Single Action Firing, the Hammer is Pulled Back with the thumb to full-cock position for each Round.
  5. Double Action Firing is carried out by Pulling the Trigger.
  6. The Weapon is Provided with built-in Safety.
  7. Easy to assemble and Dismantle.
  8. The grip is made up of Walnut Wood Crafted with hand checkering and Vapocure Coated.